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Sunday, October 16, 2005

And Now A Board Game

My main man Kevan once came up with a weird concept in answer to a 'make concepts that correspond to words' game:

sko - Ancient Japanese board game where the object is to make the other player unsure of whose turn it is.

I'm obviously in a game making roll here, since I've just thought up a game that could do that.
  • Start with an empty game board (any board is good, even the Fubar board) and lots of pawns on hand for each player, as well as a six-sided dice.
  • On each player's turn, that player places a pawn, then rolls a dice and moves each of his pawns the indicated number of steps, backward or forward. His turn ends once he has moved all pawns.
  • If a player moves a pawn too many steps or not enough steps in their turn, forgets to move a pawn during his turn or moves a pawn during an opponent's turn, they lose and are out of the game.
  • (optional rule) If a player is not sure whether he made an illegal move, he loses as well.

Perhaps this would be best with a time limit between pawn moves of five seconds or so.

Edit: Kevan's criticism of the game is that there's no way to verify who's right when there's a discussion with two equally vocal sides. Ideally there would be a way to record the result at the end of each turn, maybe by using a computer-board or a digital camera or something. If anyone has ideas on discovering the 'parity' of the board, do tell.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I Invent A New Word

<Sharkey> Works fine for me.
<Friday> Fine here, too
<Kayumi> works for me.
<DNi> Ditto
<Zaratustra> tritto