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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chinchillas on a Tricycle

After making such a brilliantly named movie as Snakes on a Plane, director David Ellis might have problem getting the creative juices running again. To help him, here's a small thing I cooked up between breakfast and lunch.

Snakes on a Plane 2:
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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Return of Fubar

Once, before I saw Dvorak I made a weird board game that was basically a simplified version of Nomic that'd not need judges and voting and crap. Here is a streamlined version of the rules for you people that like things really simple.

FUBAR - The Bizarre Board Game
(c) Guilherme S. Töws yay

What You Need:
  • A board. The original Fubar board is available here.
  • Players.
  • One game piece for each player.
  • Dice.
  • Pencils and maybe some slips of paper and stuff.
  • Piles of tokens (like poker chips) if you don't want to write statistics down.
Players place their pieces wherever they want. Roll to see who starts. On each turn a player:
  • Rolls two six-sided die to move his piece.
  • Changes the rule text in one unoccupied square.
Rule Changing

When you create the rules of a square, you must give it a name as well.

Then, add the rules. They can be just a simple command, or a complicate tangle of conditional and optional commands. Some examples of rule types:
  • Simple - Simple rule. 'Lose 2 Health.'
  • Optional - Character may opt if the rule will be executed. 'Option: Move another pawn back two squares.'
  • Double Edged - A rule with both a good and a bad effect. Can be coupled with Optional. 'Option: Lose 2 Money. Gain 2 Health.'
  • Conditional - A rule that depends on a Statistic, or the owning of a Token, or a dice roll. 'If your Health is higher than 6, gain 1 Money.'
  • Other
Rules can never be bound to a certain player or group of players.


Statistics are created the moment they have to be. (If you didn't have Strength, but you just got a 'Lose 2 Strength', now you do.) They are always defaulted to the value of 10, and if any statistic reaches 0, you are out the game.

First person to win wins. Good luck!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Am A Post-Modern One-Page RPG

This came to me in a dream. I should add appropriate dice rolling to it later.

Location: The upper floors of an incredibly tall building. There is no obvious way to reach lower floors. The corridors and rooms inside are furnished in extremely varied ways - some like a house, some like a businessplace, some even like an outdoors area. The penthouse is bare.

One corridor is special - The Twilight Corridor gets progressively darker as it goes. It's not advisable to go into the darkness.

PCs: Various wide-eyed young men and women. Perhaps they are students, or employees.

NPCs: Only one - A mysterious rude older man. Maybe a teacher or boss.

Possible Stories: The man tells the PCs to do something. They do it, or suffer the consequences.

Events: These may happen now and then during the story. Or be the story.
  • It starts raining, even inside the building. It's hard to find cover.
  • The man announces, "Crushing in five minutes." In five minutes, one of the players, chosen secretly, is suddenly relocated to a couple hundred meters above the penthouse. And starts falling.
  • New proteges arrive and vanish without explanation. Sometimes the PCs befriend or fall in love with them. These are usually subject to crushing.