The Unbearable Awesomeness Of Being

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sometimes I Wish I Could Throw Up Lava

"The European Union Commissioner for the Internal Market has today proposed extending the copyright term for musical recordings to 95 years. [...] ... People are living longer and 50 years of copyright protection no longer give lifetime income to artists who recorded hits in their late teens or early twenties, he said.'"

Imagine someone discovers the cure for death tomorrow. Maybe he researched chemical compounds for thirty years, maybe he just mixed a couple of cleaning agents on his kitchen and drank it. Either way, he cures death. Assume he patents this procedure and it is distributed to every human being so nobody would ever die again. He has created the greatest thing ever known by humanity. For how long he and his family will be allowed to profit from it?

Answer: Twenty years.

Meanwhile do you have any idea who gets money when you buy a re-re-mastered version of "Imagine", nearly thirty years after John Lennon died? Because I don't.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Le Demographie

One of the main things that made Psychonauts unpopular, I feel, is that the cover art of a kid in goggles just didn't appeal to its 20-25 demographic. To help future endeavors of Tim Schaefer and other fellas of the trade, I'm making a list of main videogame characters proper for each demographic:

9-12: Furry animal with 'tude
12-15: Burly guy
15-18: Busty girl
18-21: Special ops secret ninja from NASA
21-24: Burly guy or busty girl in period clothing
24-30: Chubby plumber
30-50: L-piece
50+: Sudoku grid

9-12: Furry animal with sparklies
12-15: Dog, horse, girl with dog or horse
15-18: Mix between reality show contestants and Barbies
18-50: Girls this age don't play videogames so just put busty girls in or something
50+: Mii