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Monday, September 27, 2004

More Political Post

The 50-dollars-per-barrel thing just lit a lamp in my brain, so I'm spreading it around like a big rainbow of happiness.

Imagine you were an oil company. Imagine how many different kinds of money you could get if the oil price rose. You could sell Alaska oil for more, you could sell it for slightly less than Middle East one and still get lots of profit, you could buy Middle East oil and sell it with a big fat percentage.

And all that'd be required for it to rise is that a little tussle break out in the Middle East. It's not like it'd be hard, you'd just need, say, a nutjob whose father had a big tussle with a certain dictator that's still around. He even treats his people sort of unwell, so it'd be seen as humanitarian.

I'm not saying the American people were just pawns in the middle of this string pulling. I'm just saying that, well, you can move two squares in your first move.


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