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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Videogames in Violence

Videogames are violent. TV told you that, the RIAA told you that, your mom told you that. You've tried the argument, 'but mom, TV is much more violent!' and it obviously did not work, because nobody watches TV by choice. TV is not just a habit, it's reflex. Where was I? Oh, yeah.

Anyway, in this article I forgot where it was, they were interviewing kids on what they think. One particular homeschooled 14-year-old girl came up with the idea of 'coming up with something to replace violence that boys of all ages would like.'

At that point, I was enlightened. I bet you understand, too.

It's time for videogames to have more sex.

More love, less war. Enough with Peach just 'baking a cake' for Mario in return of him passing through an entire mutant turtle horde with nothing but two boots and an incredibly resilient forehead. Enough with Meryl and Aeris and lord knows how many hero's girls dying before the end of act two. THE FUTURE IS THE NOOKIE. Will Wright knows it and he is rich. You know what to do.


  • Actually, I was toying with the idea of a sex MMO, since I feel it would make a lot of money. That process was stopped when I looked at CoH forums and realized that I'd have players whining about how their particular fetish is not coded in. Then I realized there was a lot of sexual practices I didn't want to have to code in, because the idea of them is distasteful or uncomfortable to me (but more power to however many consenting adults do like it with each other.) If you have no clue what those are, I won't enlighten you. Ignorance is bliss.

    By Blogger Ellis, at 12/03/2004 7:10 AM  

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