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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

MURDER! Card Game

Card Game For 3-6 People

MURDER! is a game of crime, investigation and murder. Question your fellow players about their cards, but if you go too far you may end with blood on your hands!


  • From a standard card deck, take four number cards of the same number and two figure cards for each player, and forget the rest. You'll have six cards per player, two-thirds number cards and one-third figure cards.
  • Shuffle these cards and deal six to each person.
  • Players take turns. On your turn, you:
    1. Ask a player to reveal one to six cards from his hand, chosen by you (randomly, since you can't see the cards) or by him, as you wish. If a figure card is revealed in this way, the player is dead.
    2. Ask him for zero to six cards from his hand, chosen by you (again randomly) or by him.
    3. Give him the same number of cards from your hand, chosen by him (randomly yet again) or by you. In this way, hand size remains constant.
  • Dead characters cannot play, and their cards are removed from the game.
  • The first person to acquire four number cards with the same number wins the game. If no player can complete a set because dead players hold needed cards, it's a draw and the murderer wins.

Have fun!


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