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Monday, June 27, 2005

The Text Adventure Game

This is a game you can play on message boards or with friends. Any number of players is acceptable.

The first person to play states a problematic situation. For example:

* You are inside a ten foot pit with smooth walls. There is no way to climb up.

The next person describes a way to solve the problem, and a new problem that hinders that solution. Such as:

* You could make a ladder out of the branches that fell off a tree above the pit and are lying in the bottom of the pit, if only you had something to tie them together.

Each of these solution/problem combinations counts as one point to the person making them. In addition, the player that can use the scenario presented to solve one of the problems in a different way, he gains another point.

Example: Player 3 says:

* There is some rope tied to a loop in the ground here that could be used to tie the branches together, but it is tied too tightly to be removed.

Then player 4 can reply:

* If you had the rope, you could make a lasso and throw it at the tree above the pit and climb it.

gaining one point in the process.

Players take turns in order, first person to N points wins.

This was tested in a message board with no scoring and no turn taking. It's pretty fun anyway. If you decide to actually play this game, be sure to tell me how it went.

(edit: added link to message board game)


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