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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Zara Reviews The Comics

I am kind of out of ideas this week so I'll review some comics series.

Infinite Crisis - I like Infinite Crisis because each issue can be completely compressed into one page. And that page is the cover of the next issue. Also I like how they took a year revising every hero to be a whimpering idiot just so they could bring Grampa Superman to teach the young whippersnappers a lesson. You get 'em, Gramps.

House of M - All mutants without movie appeal are de-mutated, generating Drama and Side Plots. I got to admit I didn't see it coming, but only cause when they said they were going to change the world, I didn't think they meant they were changing it back to normality. A world without mutants! What will it be like? ... look out the window.

Y The Last Man - God this isn't going anywhere.

Seven Soldiers - Mister Miracle and Bulleteer are the newest releases. They're good, the problem is that Klarion and Shining Knight were awesome. Have no fear, there is still Frankenstein to come.

Fables - I still haven't got over the fact the Homelands arc ended like a whine contest between the GM and the player. 'you are jailed and your love was a fake haha' 'fine but as you can see in my sheet I have the power to teleport the super-magic items to me' 'dag'

Captain Universe - The Uni-Power, a mysterious power capable of granting people amazing god-like powers, stars with several Marvel superheroes and, instead of spending a lot of time merged with them causing hyper destruction and havoc, spends a lot of time not merged with them and causing hyper exposition and crap. How do you make a comic about the Hulk with ten times his usual power suck? Give him that power for a total of two pages.

Doom Patrol - It's not Doom Patrol without Crazy Jane.

This marks the 100,000th blog in the internet to talk about comics. Celebrations will be Saturday at 10 PM when most of the bloggers have an open schedule.


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