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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nature Database

Let's admit. We'll never turn the industry truck around in time for nature to recover from the punch we've given it. In fact, it's very probable that the machine keeps growing and growing, until it has eaten everything there is to eat. Corporate interest and self-righteousness trump ethics nine times out of ten, and they only need to win once.

What we need to do, is gather all that we can. Not just store cells and eggs and seeds. We need to learn how animals educate their young and how the young learn their survival skills. How a hundred species of plants can share resources of a square meter of rainforest. The ratios of whales, algae and giant squid to liter of water. Who eats what and who eats who.

We need to learn as much as possible about how nature did it. Because it's the only example we have, and soon it will vanish. And we'll have to replace it, and copy it across the universe if we want to survive. If only so there can be a McDonald's in Andromeda.


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