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Monday, February 27, 2006

Poutpourri - On Hallucinating.

I should find a way to hallucinate one of these days. Like, under command. Daydreaming is nice but you can't daydream the carpet patterns turning into a giant snake, or the curtains turning into a giant snake.

When you think about it, hallucinations have a strong giant snake component. It's like the brain had an area designed to see giant snakes. Or perhaps it's one of the totemic animals.

Perhaps 'cat people' are just under the shadow of that specific archetypal totem. Jorge Luis Borges was fascinated by tigers. Kurt Cobain? Snakes, there you go again. Then again, he was also hallucinating a lot.

Me? Squirrels. They're awesome! They're like pigeons but they hop around and generally look cute. Like miniature cats. Does anyone actually keep them as pets?


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