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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Crawling From The Wreckage

A series of good comics has appeared in the last year or couple of years, hidden in the shades of the ruins of Keenspot, and don't receive nearly the amount of attention they deserve. Let's give them a small light.

Minus is a comic about a little girl with the power of God. Kind of a cute watercolor Peaksville.

Bang Barstal tells the story of a man in post-Apocalyptic (not merely post-apocalyptic) America who wields Excalibat.

Gone With The Blastwave reflects the endless fighting of differently-colored videogame-like armies.

Dresden Codak has absolutely beautiful art and an absolutely implausible protagonist - a pretty nerdy girl that can't find a date.

Gunnerkrigg Court has robots. And griffins, I think. Not robot griffins.

And, finally, XKCD shows you don't need good art to make terribly nerdy jokes.


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