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Sunday, August 13, 2006

This Is Your Wake-Up Call

I live on the first floor of a heavy residential area with small commerce nearby. In the same block there are apartment buildings, houses, some kind of pseudo-restaurant someone manages from their garage and at least one construction site. As a result, whenever I try to sleep off the 'regular' schedule (4 AM to 8 AM, or 4 AM to 6 AM if someone forgot to feed their dog in the evening) I am often kept awake or woken up by various noises issuing from the variety of life outside my bedroom.

We can always take something out of such experiences. Me, I've taken this bingo card who anyone in a densely populated area can use. Mark one down whenever one of these noises makes you face the next day with bags the size of basketballs under your eyes. When you complete a column (a 'Full Set') or a row (the 'Grand Tour'), award yourself a sensory deprivation chamber.

(apologies for the crappy table: Blogger is not a good table setter)

Massive gathering of small birdsSingle bird in mating call modeLonely puppyExcited catBarking dog
Birthday partyGeneric partyFREE SPACEShouting parent and kidShouting couple
Teenager practicing musical instrumentMusic at full volumeRadio at full volumeTV at full volumeKaraoke machine
MotorcycleCarTruckCar or motorbike-mounted loudspeakerHorn or bell indicating opening/closing of businessplace


  • That is so clever! I love it. I am frequently woken up to people mowing the lawn or doing yard work. It sucks!

    By Blogger HI-D, at 8/13/2006 6:45 PM  

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