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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Le Demographie

One of the main things that made Psychonauts unpopular, I feel, is that the cover art of a kid in goggles just didn't appeal to its 20-25 demographic. To help future endeavors of Tim Schaefer and other fellas of the trade, I'm making a list of main videogame characters proper for each demographic:

9-12: Furry animal with 'tude
12-15: Burly guy
15-18: Busty girl
18-21: Special ops secret ninja from NASA
21-24: Burly guy or busty girl in period clothing
24-30: Chubby plumber
30-50: L-piece
50+: Sudoku grid

9-12: Furry animal with sparklies
12-15: Dog, horse, girl with dog or horse
15-18: Mix between reality show contestants and Barbies
18-50: Girls this age don't play videogames so just put busty girls in or something
50+: Mii


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