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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ramblings On Love & War

Howard Tayler, The creator of Schlock Mercenary, removed an ad from his site because it contained explicit images of couples having sex because it might affect children.

Oh wait, my bad, I didn't link to the blog post. I linked to one of his strips where a guy is very visibly cut in half by a laser. Here it is.

According to the man himself:

Pictures of naked people and pictures of naked people engaging in sexual acts DO incite lust.

Graphic violence does desensitize us, to some extent, to violent acts, but even then it lacks the ability to charge us the way pornography does. Repeated exposure to porn insidiously re-wires the pleasure centers so that the victims find themselves LESS able to enjoy a loving relationship.

The insidious porn will change your brains so that you might never love again.

I'd like to see the research that produced both of the results above (you can easily find research that proves or disproves either of the affirmations above, provided you don't look too hard into how they produced it. It's like quoting the Bible.) but on the meantime I'm trying to understand the logic that would get to this. Let's read on.

In order to program someone to be a killer, you have to work pretty hard at it. [...] In order to program someone to be unable to have a healthy, loving relationship you can achieve a high measure of success by just feeding them a steady diet of pornography for a few formative years.

OK, so the insidious porn will change your children's brains. Why? Because they will expect relationships to have sex in them. And that's not what healthy loving relationships are about. Healthy loving relationships are about doing what society expects of you, marrying, raising children, sending them to college, then divorcing and marrying a 20-year-old blonde airhead.

This is just an example. My parents are married and happy. I have a livejournal to complain about my troubled past if I so wish.

There's a percentage of the population that simply will not fit on what box you try to educate them into. You can guide their development to a degree, but eventually they'll fly off with only part of the baggage - And when they go, they might be attracted more to the guns and bombs than to round things of a softer nature.

I realize I'm probably shouting to a wall here. I'm just saying - America spends more on guns yearly than it does on sex. And still you were attacked by people that thought you weren't puritan enough.

Clinton spent eight years in charge and the most memorable thing he did was bone an intern of legal age. Maybe everyone could follow his example.


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