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Friday, October 03, 2008

What Is An Ioun Anyway

My good friend JDigital has posted a list of D&D ioun stones, those things that can be 'equipped' and orbit around your head. Here I list a few that he missed:

Brass ball - Immunity to fear

Steel cylinder - Acts as immovable rod if held by another person, except it continues to orbit your head

Transparent cube - Keeps beverages on your person cold

Glass eye - 360-degree vision, looks generally creepy

Pulsating red ellipsoid - Whenever you cast a projectile spell, casts a 1st-level version of the spell at the same target

Gray cube - Will never threaten to stab you, and in fact, cannot speak

White octahedron - Allows you to equip one extra ioun stone

Glinting diamond - +2 bling bonus to charisma

Spherical boulder - Is three feet wide, can be used as a rough bludgeon tool

Gray pockmarked sphere - Eventually grows tiny grass, tiny small trees, tiny animals, tiny civilization

Pewter shoe - Gain $200 whenever you pass GO

4th edition rulebook - Lets you shift five feet in one direction


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