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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Infinite HERO

Infinite characteristics and others for HERO System.

Infinite Characteristics

Infinite STR

A character with Infinite STR can deal out as much damage as he wants to. 5d6, 20d6, 1000d6, doesn't matter. He can also lift any material object and throw it at any distance. His Leaping distance is also infinite (see Infinite Movement)

Infinite DEX

Infinite DEX means a character never fails any DEX or DEX-based skill roll, for any reason. His OCV and DCV are also infinite, which means he'll never miss an attack and can never be attacked directly: Only by area (Remember he can also dive for cover any distance) and 0-DCV attacks.

Infinite CON

A character with infinite CON never gets sick or poisoned, nor stunned.

Infinite BODY

A character that has Infinite BODY is pretty much immortal: No quantity of damage will ever kill him. He can only be stunned or contained.

Infinite INT

Infinite INT grants the character automatic success on all INT and INT-based skill rolls. He never misses any PER rolls either, and can never be fooled by Images.

Infinite EGO

There are probably some cases of this out there. Infinite EGO means immunity to most mental powers: It also means an infinite ECV, so the character will never miss any mental attack.

Infinite PRE

A character with infinite PRE can use as many dice as he wants to in Presence Attacks, and is immune to Presence Attacks and some of the mental powers.

Infinite COM

No idea how that would work, since COM is not used in any rolls. Maybe the character is a visage of transcendental level or something.

Infinite PD/ED

Infinite PD or ED grants the character total immunity to that type of attack, even if Armor Piercing. The difference between resistant and non-resistant still applies, however.

Infinite SPD

A character with infinite SPD may take as many action phases as he wants to in a turn.

Infinite REC

Infinite REC means all STUN, END and BODY is healed whenever the character takes a Recovery. Somewhat strange.

Infinite END

The simplest infinite characteristic to define. A character with infinite END plays as if all his powers use the 0 END advantage. He also may push any stat to the limits defined by the campaign without any ill effects.

Infinite STUN

A char with infinite STUN never gets Knocked Out, although he might be Stunned. Theorically, he could also use as much STUN as he wants in place of END, but that's up to the crazy GM that let a player take this.


Infinite Movement

A Infinite Movement Power allows the character with it to move anywhere he can reasonably reach with that power, at any distance, in a half action.

Infinite Attack Power

A Infinite Attack Power can do as much damage as the character wishes it to. A sensible GM should apply rules for collateral damage generously.

Infinite Skills

A character a infinite score in a skill will never miss a roll on it, no matter how insanely difficult his effort might be. He can use Contortionist to slip under a door or Breakfall to cushion his fall on a bed of spikes by landing with a toe on the tip of one of them.


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