The Unbearable Awesomeness Of Being

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Make Your Own Movie Alien

Here I present my own, tried-and-true method to create your own Movie Alien. All you need is a standard 6-sided dice and a couple of minutes.

* Type Of Movie Alien:

1 - Insectoid
2 - Insectoid
3 - Insectoid
4 - Shapeless Blob
5 - Shapeless Blob
6 - Huge Worm

* Skin Covering:

1 - Armor plates
2 - Armor plates
3 - Armor plates
4 - Armor plates
5 - Armor plates
6 - Mangy fur

* Outward Appearance:

Featureless face with nothing but a big toothed mouth. This appeals to humanity's atavic fear of big toothed mouths.

* Bizarre Alien Ability:

1 - Can take human shape
2 - Can take human shape
3 - Can take human shape
4 - Can possess humans
5 - Really cool AlienCam(tm) Vision
6 - Incubates in humans

ALL Movie Aliens can climb walls and ceilings.

* Intelligence:

1 - Swim swim hungry
2 - Animalistic but smart
3 - Feral but learns from mistakes
4 - Instinctive but patient
5 - Has no education but learns quickly
6 - All the above

* Evolved Forms:

1 - Achieve flight through intestinal gas
2 - Can take human shape
3 - Alternate Really Cool AlienCam(tm) Vision
4 - More Big Toothed Mouths
5 - Tentacles
6 - Can take human shape

* Organization

1 - Hive with queen
2 - Hive with queen
3 - Hive with queen
4 - Hive with queen
5 - Hive with queen
6 - Hive with queen

* Weakness

1 - Fire
2 - Cold
3 - Bullets
4 - Explosions
5 - Ellen Ripley
6 - None, you just have to beat it up a lot

There you have it! Make sure the main star survives for the sequel.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I Swear I Dreamed This

A spaceship that's powered by the angst of a couple dozen teenagers. The ship is going to crash against a planet and it's up to the hero to solve the teenagers' issues and slow it down before the disaster.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

In Darkest Light

I've come to the conclusion that, while I like the idea of Green Lanterns - people with rings that can do anything their little brains will them to, kind of like a cosmic paintbrush - I absolutely abhor the mythology created around them. ( Guardians? Starheart? Space cops?)

I thought about it a bit, and ended up inventing a new mythology for them. Stop me if you've heard this one before. Lanterns would be generic items, somehow infused with demiurgic energy from an unknown source (unknown but to the GM that is) Each Lantern has an associated color in which it has more control (Green is Creation, red is Destruction, purple is Control, blue is I forgot the rest) They're not only lantern shaped: the Firestorm matrix, the HERO device, the amulet of Nabu are all examples of lanterns.

A lot of these items have minds. Small ones that whisper to their owner at night, strong ones that take over their owners and rule all. Their purposes are varied, their reasons unknown.

I guess we could fit G'Nort in there somehow, too.