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Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Am A Post-Modern One-Page RPG

This came to me in a dream. I should add appropriate dice rolling to it later.

Location: The upper floors of an incredibly tall building. There is no obvious way to reach lower floors. The corridors and rooms inside are furnished in extremely varied ways - some like a house, some like a businessplace, some even like an outdoors area. The penthouse is bare.

One corridor is special - The Twilight Corridor gets progressively darker as it goes. It's not advisable to go into the darkness.

PCs: Various wide-eyed young men and women. Perhaps they are students, or employees.

NPCs: Only one - A mysterious rude older man. Maybe a teacher or boss.

Possible Stories: The man tells the PCs to do something. They do it, or suffer the consequences.

Events: These may happen now and then during the story. Or be the story.
  • It starts raining, even inside the building. It's hard to find cover.
  • The man announces, "Crushing in five minutes." In five minutes, one of the players, chosen secretly, is suddenly relocated to a couple hundred meters above the penthouse. And starts falling.
  • New proteges arrive and vanish without explanation. Sometimes the PCs befriend or fall in love with them. These are usually subject to crushing.


  • That's intriguing, your concept is really neat and a little creepy.. Reminds me a little of a game my friends and I play occasionally called Paranoia which also involves an office but is all kinds of F'd up. I started typing how the game works but it's a whole post on its own. But the game really isn't all that complicated.

    The scenarios you mention are chilling. It'd be neato. :)

    By Blogger zathman, at 5/10/2006 1:15 PM  

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