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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Shock And Outrage And Shock And Outrage

Read Identity Crisis #7. Not to spoil anything, but the killer's name rhymes with 'Jean Ploring'.

I'm somewhat disappointed. Having the Atom did it would at least bring awareness to the problem of high-powered superbeings not getting laid enough (vide Watchmen), while this result just highlights what we knew about DC:

1) DC hates women (Marvel too, but hides it), and
2) A-block characters never get in big trouble unless it's plastered across the cover.

Even the sideplot where they gleefully throw excrement at Silver Age has already been outdone by Marvel revealing the virginal love ef every comic book reader over 30, Gwen Stacy, was sleeping around with ol' Stripehair Osborn. Fanfic writers everywhere are complaining, because there's no way they could possibly do anything nastier than the companies themselves are already doing.

And, frankly: Am I the only one that notices the woman stepping on the carpet the World's Greatest Detectives declared unmarred? At least Scooby Doo kept track of the clues. Oh well. We can still amuse ourselves reading the reviews saying how this will leave 'a permanent mark on the DC universe' and things will never be the same, at least until the next sales drop.


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