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Monday, February 21, 2005


OK a lot of people (two) say they love my blog, so I am feeling guilty for not updating. I have some kind of disease, though, so instead of a large coherent whole I will just post bits of posts.

  • Scientists have proven -again- that pollution will cause global warming. Bush is, obviously, not convinced. A person I've spoken to won't believe it unless there is 'conclusive' proof, which for all I know would be a video of the oceans swallowing Manhattan. 'But the earth has warmed up before, Zara!' Yes, and once the earth was also a ball of lava. Doesn't mean it'd be normal for it to turn into a ball of lava overnight.
  • Promethea 32 and last is out and it rules. For those that weren't paying attention, Promethea is a comic by Alan Moore that 1) has an amazing hippie plot, 2) experiments with the comic media in a way that'd make Scott Mccloud wet his pants, and 3) belongs to the deconstructionist branch typical of the New Comics. At least the ones that don't feature Ten-Eye Man raping Firehawk or some crap.
  • I dreamed Madrox the Multiple Man and V (for Vendetta) were in a comic teamup. Maybe it's the flu.
  • There should be a Transformers RPG if only so I can play a robot that turns into a larger robot. And that robot could maybe transform into an even larger one.
  • I think I'm not feeling so well.
  • A good trick to play on your psychologist is to say you see tigers in every blot he shows you. Then mention you see them on his tie too. Let him notice the knife you've hid in your coat.
  • The word 'Arete' in Greek means 'excellence'. The Ancient Greeks applied the term to anything; the excellence of a horse, the excellence of a bull to be bred, or the excellence of a man. (Wikipedia) That's right, Arete is Greek for awesome.
  • Are jokes about seeing stuff in horshach blots played out?
  • real sick here
  • shining light of the great gazonga
  • hurf blurf


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