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Monday, April 18, 2005

I Don't Like Gears Or Fighting

My internet access at work has been restrained even more, so I do not have access to this blog on the time that I feel more inclined to update it. The thoughts just do not come out correctly at the late hours of the day.

After having read Gantz at indication of my friends, I have built a theory of how the Anime Hero is different from the common Comic Heroes. To wit, the normal Comic Book Hero worth his salt is guided by the principles of:
  • Truth
  • Justice
  • The American Way (presumably freedom of speech, invading Eastern countries and not letting immigrants in)

While the standard Anime Hero is driven by:

  • Ennui
  • Angst
  • Megalomania

In any order. The Anime Hero either hates everything, doesn't care about anything, or is better than everything. The Angst of the Anime Hero is the source of his power, usually employed on the use of large humanoid machines (As we had previously proven, giant robots and spaceships have bypassed the hydrogen solution and are fueled by pure angst)

The Anime Hero is either clever, spouting schemes so intricate the audience could never hope to fathom it - and not just because of bad translation - or apparently terminally stupid but really clever on the inside. He will always be the first to discover how the weapons/robots/vehicles issued to the team increase in power tenfold when he's really angry. This is because he is clever, and not, say, really easy to get angry.

The Anime Hero's most frequent expression is the blank look. The second most frequent is the angry scowling, and the third is the maniacal grin.

The Anime Hero's limitations, or the fact his interactions with the opposite sex are blunter and more awkward than a ninja gorilla, do not hinder his interaction with the Supporting Girls. They all love him and pine for him, often three or four at the same time. The Anime Hero uses that love in his benefit in order to fulfill whatever desires run low on his status screen. Some times, very infrequently, he will fall in love with a girl, which will then die.

I want to be an Anime Hero when I grow up. You should too.


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