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Monday, March 28, 2005

DC, Washington DC

Should have included the Dreamcast somewhere. Oh well.

Apparently, DC's great world-spanning plot is called Infinite Crisis. Makes sense: Crisis on Infinite Earths had cosmic creatures vying for all existence, while Infinite Crisis features a funny looking satellite and Lex Luthor teaming up with Deathstroke The Guy That Pokes Things With Swords. I can just feel the cosmic repercussions.

Also, I figured out why people think these books have such great character development: It's the thought balloons. There's like pages and pages of Blue Beetle mentally reviewing how much Barbara Gordon gives him a great big chubby. Next up it will be superhero blogs, no doubt.

Meanwhile, ESRB continues their efforts to allow all ages to decently enjoy videogames... whoops nevermind Hillary Clinton hasn't been listening and is pushing Bush to make more studies because children are playing GTA. Since my motion to replace violence with more sex hasn't found ears, I suggest we wait for all politicians currently older than 30 to retire and groom their children and obvious sucessors into avid gamers. Do your part for the country, introduce a politician's son to Nintendo.


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