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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Passive Action

I wonder what we're supposed to do, as a generation. At least inside my social circles, I'm surrounded by cynics as far as the eye can see: It seems that nobody wants to change the world aside from making a nice space in the sand to sleep on. Note I conveniently ignore the people happily harrying behind whatever government is up to do whatever it takes to defend the country from what it doesn't need to be defended from.

I won't even talk about the people from -my- country that suddenly decided Colombia is the greatest country in the world cause it had the balls to 'stand up' to America. I hate it when countries behave like teenagers.

My point is, how does the world change? Is it by the sudden effort of small numbers or the slow weight of growing masses? Is the 'new' generation of people that don't care about the minor squabbles of politics and religions and all the bloody but mostly circular pattern of history enough to actually make weight in the politics they shun, or will they be cast aside by the crowd that believes they were ordained to wield the lance of righteousness against those that are outside?

Perhaps a stance should be made for active passiveness. The Passive Party. Its motto shall be, Let's Not And Say We Did.


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