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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Great Expectations

So, after a conversation with Kevan and Ben, the idea came to make a game that'd answer to the player's expectations of what a powerup and what an enemy is. I streamlined the idea to the very edge, and made Bug Crush (which seems to be down as of the time of this post: wait one or two days) and kept the nature of it secret. I programmed it to save some data from each game played, and tabulated the results.

And here they are - the bug colors most people see as evil:

Red, yellow and reddish-purple are the top choices. Then comes the dark yellow and the purples and dark blues.

Green and light cyan are the least evil colors of the spectrum.

In addition, out of everyone that played it, about half played a second time, and about 25% played it a third time. Replay rate was higher from there, but most people gave up after 6-7 games, figuring they had seen all to it.

Median score was 62. Four people got a perfect score of 100.


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