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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Teh Funney

With Mother 3 hitting the Japanese stores and an English translation nowhere in sight, many people will no doubt try to import the Japanese version and try to muddle through it by faith and dictionary. But no dictionary will explain to you the subtleties of Japanese humour, which often come across as non-sequiturs that might be actually funnier than the original. But let's try for purity, here. For that, here's a primer of major items of Japanese humour:
  • Transvestites are funny. Preferably with hilarious makeup and mustaches.
  • Kancho and similar are funny.
  • All kinds of seafood, but especially catfishes, octopi and Mola Mola are funny.
  • Puns are the pinnacle of hilarity, no matter if the other 5.5 billion in the planet will not understand what you mean.
Next week, we will discuss the importance of underwear and minorities in the development of true Japanese humour.


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