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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Board Games Final Mix

This is an embrionary idea that was posted in another blog, but it didn't get comments for six months so I'm posting it here. (Yes I know I don't get comments on stuff here either) It was derived from the idea of grabbing all tokens and cards and whatever from every board game you have around and playing them all together.

In this you’ll be taking two board games and playing them at the same time.

* Rules of each board game are mostly unchanged. You’ll only be adding rules for the interactions between the two games.
* In your turn, you play a turn for each of the mixed games in any order.
* If you win one of the games you win the mixed game. This may change if it proves problematic.

Magic X Settlers of Catan

* Hold your Magic and Settlers cards together. (You could even use proxies and/or cover them with card protectors so they’re all alike.)
* If played as Magic cards, Settlers cards have special rules as written below.
* You can trade Magic/Settlers cards as per the Settlers rules, for either cards in your Magic library or Settlers trade items (I.E. two wheat, one mountain and one Dark Ritual to the bank in exchange for one sheep)

And here are the rules Settlers cards are considered to have if played as Magic cards: They all cost 0 mana to play.

Timber: Green Sorcery. Generate two green mana.
Ore: Black Sorcery. Generate two black mana.
Sheep: White Sorcery. Generate two white mana.
Wheat: Blue Sorcery. Generate two blue mana.
Brick: Red Sorcery. Generate two red mana.
Knight: 2/2 Colorless creature, cost 0.
Road Building: Search your deck for a Land card and put it on play, shuffle your deck afterwards.
Invention: Draw three Magic cards.
Monopoly: Colorless sorcery. Name a card. All players must hand you all cards with that name they possess.


  • <Dreth-afk> also you need to add catan interaction to magic cards
    <Dreth-afk> something like, creature removal can move the bandit etc.
    <Dreth-afk> or if you really want to integrate just remove all the magic win conditions or make them location based
    <Dreth-afk> and havecreatures actually travel across the catan map and interact with things
    <Dreth-afk> realistically, it's generally alot easier to win magic in just a few turns than catan in just a few turns, so I feel like unless a restriction is built in people who play to win will concentrate solely on the magic
    <Dreth-afk> maybe make magic resources entirely based on catan resources
    <Dreth-afk> like, you can trade in two wood to make a forest
    <Dreth-afk> and a couple sheep if you want to make a creature

    By Blogger Zaratustra, at 4/28/2007 12:12 PM  

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