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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hooray DC Comics related post

DC has just started a new series with magic-themed superheroes. It's called Shadowpact, and it stars a guy with a sword, a girl that can command shadows and a chimp detective. Very magical.

I'm depressed, cause frankly, there's a lot of better magical characters in DC comics that should be in a series and instead I have to swallow this drivel. Just as an example, here's a team I assembled on my lunch break.

Aquaman - The version after he got the water hand, but before he became Batman Of Underwater San Diego. If you haven't read Aquaman lately, don't ask. Put him as leader, where he can do the strategy and not have to constantly prove how awesome his powers are. And for the love of god keep his supporting cast AWAY.
Klarion - Fresh off his own miniseries and ready to be the member-in-training of a team.
Shining Knight - The Hawkgirl of the team. Flies, hits things very hard, has some knowledge of ancient (very ancient) artifacts and language AND a talking horse. Plus she is pure of heart, which always comes in handy when handling finicky old artifacts.
Frankenstein - Yes, this team is half Grant Morrison. Kind of like a more well-read Doom mariner. Send him in lone side-missions where lots of ass must be kicked.
Kid Eternity - This time ditch the Morrison version and go back to basics. Let him handle all afterlife and ghost-based problems.
Animal Man & Swamp Thing - The Red-Green team covers nearly all of nature, with Aquaman for redundancy when needed. Nature and magic go far back.
Zatanna - Not required, but the team needs more women. At least limit her powers in some way we can understand or limit her appearances.

And for principal enemies, say, Doctor Destiny, Zor and the Floronic Man. Maybe we could get Doctor Sivana too? Science versus magic is fun.


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