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Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Forgot Tyrannosaurus Reich Too

Since I'm on a DC comics run, let's finish with the list of Top 50 DC Comic Characters I sent to some blog. Comic Curve or something. I'll link to their top 50 once it's up.

I based my list order on: If I had two comics, each featuring one of these characters, which one would I buy? This list is not without its errors, as I'd buy anything with Doom Force or the Brotherhood of Dada in it, but whatever.

Accompaining the top 10 is a great moment of each character that I found in Google.

1 Morpheus, Sandman can be quoted in pretty much anything he says and still be awesome.
2 Flex Mentallo says the most sensible thing ever said in comics in any time ever.
3 Swamp Thing goes into SPACE and becomes SPACE THING.
4 Ystin, Shining Knight decides being sent 12000 years in the future is no reason to feel down.
5 Mogo just exists.
6 Buddy Baker, Animal Man is roadkill.
7 Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern goes apeshit with his constructs. Notice Strangelove Superman on upper left.
8 Kay Challis, Crazy Jane is creepy, cute, and others, depending on time of day and phase of moon.
9 Delirium of the Endless has an unusual grasp of the situation.
10 Kid Eternity fights evil with George Washington.
11 Rebis, Negative Man
12 Frankenstein
13 Cliff Steele, Robotman
14 Danny the Street
15 Unnamed Neanderthal, Dial H For Hero
16 Klarion
17 Death, Sandman
18 Starro the Star Conqueror
19 Daniel, Sandman
20 Irwin Schwab, Ambush Bug
21 Karen Starr, Power Girl
22 Eel O'Brien, Plastic Man
23 G'Nort
24 Vera Black, Sister Superior
25 Brother Eye
26 J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter
27 Linda Danvers, Supergirl
28 Mitchell Shelley, Resurrection Man
29 Querl Dox, Brainiac 5
30 Chameleon, Legion of Superheroes
31 Vandal Savage
32 Wally West, Flash
33 Selina Kyle, Catwoman
34 John Dee, Doctor Destiny
35 Faith
36 Harleen Quinzel, Harley Quinn
37 Oliver Queen, Green Arrow
38 Robby Reed, Dial H For HERO
39 Barbara Gordon, Oracle
40 Rose Wilson, Ravager
41 Edward Nigma, Riddler
42 Vic Sage, The Question
43 Zor
44 Jack Ryder, Creeper
45 Arthur Curry, Aquaman
46 Paul Booker, Major Disaster
47 Lonnie Markin, Anarky
48 Matthew Tyler, Hourman
49 Ted Kord, Blue Beetle
50 Ra's Al Ghul


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